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The most effective way to prevent PTSD is with education. Our on-site training program is intended to provide police and first responders with the knowledge they need to survive valor. 

Quick Facts 



  • Very small departments, >10 officers, have the highest per capita rate of suicide among police officers. 


  • Studies have shown that quality sleep is critical to manage stress and preventing PTSD. While you sleep, your brain categorizes and "files away" the events from that day. Think of a librarian putting the returned books back on the shelf in their proper place. This process becomes even more important following a critical or high stress incident. 


  • Pre-incident education is the best way to prevent PTSD. Too often, first responders do not understand the trauma response and begin to consider themselves as "flawed" or "weak." There is nothing wrong with you! Trauma response is natural and is simply your brain's way of protecting you. Understanding that is key to recovering from trauma. 

If you are in crisis, please call or text:
Copline 800-267-5463. 24/7 immediate and confidential assistance staffed by current/former officers
988 Suicide & Crisis Lifeline
Law enforcement Officer in Crisis: Text BLUE to 741741 
All are vetted by the Fraternal Order of Police 


Surviving Valor is intended as a 8-hour lecture based course intended to foster dynamic and robust discussions of this extremely important topic. Of course, participation in these discussions is strictly voluntary. In an effort to educate as many as possible, we will conduct this training in your department, preventing the expense of officers traveling to off-site trainings.


Surviving Valor is a non-profit organization that offers this training to very small departments that lack the resources to pay for it. All expenses are covered by Surviving Valor. It also pays our peer supporters so everyone that utilizes that service never has to worry about paying for it. 

Funds are provided through donations and proceeds from larger agency that do possess financial resources.

peer support

Often times, we just need someone to talk to. Speak with a trained peer supporter that is always judgement free, privileged, therefore confidential and understands what your experiencing. All peer supporters are former law enforcement officers. 

In an attempt to impact as many as we can, please consider donating to our efforts. Your generous donation will provide this training to another small department that lacks the resources for these desperately needed services. 

Get to Know Us

Surviving Valor was born from the challenging times that face our first responders. We stepped back and asked, who is helping the helpers? Few try, yet fewer have the experience necessary to make a significant impact in the lives of first responders. Surviving Valor does.

Founder and Owner, Eric Doane, is a medically retired police officer serving 17 years. During that time he served in many different roles, gaining several certifications. He is an adjunct in the criminal justice department at a community college, raised a family, served as union president, and obtained a Master degree from the University of Louisville in Organizational and Human Resource Development. He has taught and mentored thousands of people of all ages and walks of life.

Of note, Eric is, or has been, a certified life coach, critical incident stress management (CISM) practitioner, peer supporter and trainer, field training officer, and educator. 

You do not need to be a first responder to avail yourself of our services. Of particular interest to Eric is assisting others making the transition into/out of public service and the unforeseen difficulties that can arise. Managing the stressors of working in a challenging organization, and the stress of everyday life, especially those caused by working in civil service.

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